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Overview of IHU

If you are one of the millions of people across the world who choose to date online, you are likely to be interested in the best websites dedicated to online dating. A spot in that category is certainly well-deserved by this site, which is a relatively new dating outlet but has already gained a great reputation among daters nonetheless. Featuring the most innovative tools available nowadays, it has become a fantastic online community where members enjoy a safe and easy way to meet attractive locals for new encounters with no obligations.

Ease of use

Thanks to the very innovative software that is used to power the website, the site features a very user-friendly interface and a great search engine. Even novice users with little or no experience at all shouldn't find it all that difficult to navigate. Besides, the support team can be contacted from any place of the dashboard, so you will get assistance rather fast.

Features & communication

Even though it might seem just like another one of countless dating websites available today, this dating venue certainly can impress even the most demanding users with a wide array of tools, many of which are unique. They include, for instance, the tool, which allows one to exchange invitations to various events for locals. Also, the site makes it easy to find potential partners in your immediate surroundings. Thanks to a very effective GPS function, the website is able to offer you multiple opportunities to hit and run wherever you happen to be at the time. It should be noted that the GPS tool is entirely confidential, meaning that your actual location will not be revealed to anybody unless you choose to specify it in your personal profile or state it in a message. Therefore, users are not exposed to the risk of being discovered by members of their social circle who might be present on the website.

Search tool

The quantity and diversity of registered members are arguably one of the most crucial aspects to consider when searching for the perfect online dating venue. The site boasts a huge userbase which includes users of both genders from all corners of the world. You are certain to find a potential partner, whatever characteristics he or she is expected to have – be it a specific ethnicity, age or occupation. Use either quick or advanced search, depending on the number of characteristics you find vital in a partner.


The aspect of member security is treated very seriously and the providers of the platform implement a number of effective policies to address the issue. As a result, the site is a secure dating environment, where users' private information like contact or billing details is never at risk.

Pricing & Plans

Yet another great thing about the site is that it is entirely free to sign up.  On entering your billing details you will be given 3 days free trial with a full access to all features available on the site. Take your time to browse the website and try all the amazing features available here in order to determine whether it has everything you expect. If eventually you decide to keep using this fantastic platform, you will be charged $29.95 per month.


Although having been established fairly recently, this site has already attracted millions of daters from all over the world, and some 40000 members are online whenever you happen to log in. Moreover, the fact that the website's userbase keeps growing at an impressive pace is a sign that it is an outstandingly effective solution for online dating. Register an account on the site today and embrace all the fun online dating offers.